How did it start?

The desire to make healthy & quick recipes for my picky toddler

I started "Instant Pot for the Tot" when my son was two years old and have decided to combine it with "Lala's Kitchen" (my grandmother's recipes) to bring you healthy & quick recipes to make in this modern-day, busy world.  My goal has always been to  create fast, nutritious, and delicious meals for my family. I come from a family who loves to cook and I wanted to make sure I kept the tradition going when I started my own family. 

     Finding the right balance between cooking, working, and taking care of a toddler has always been one of my biggest struggles. Coming from a Chiropractic background, I value health a lot. My number one goal is to ensure that my family is healthy. Health starts at the table and I learned this early on. I had an incredible opportunity to volunteer at San Francisco's General Hospital Nutritional Clinic for kids in my undergraduate years, and there I realized that nutritional values start at home. I taught families to change their eating habits by offering them different types of healthy recipes, but time was a huge factor. 








 In today's world we are so lucky to have so many different types of gadgets to assist us in the kitchen. My favorite one is a pressure cooker called INSTANT POT. With the help of instant pot I am able to create healthy meals for the whole family to enjoy, especially my picky toddler! I have learned to incorporate my favorite, traditional Russian recipes into cooking with the instant pot. I hope that you fall in love with my toddler-friendly instant pot recipes!