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A vision that started four years ago when I first had my son. During my postpartum period I realized that it DOES take a whole village to raise a child. I was in a new city with family a good six hour drive away. I felt so alone trying to survive postpartum and figure out this new mommy thing by myself. It was nearly impossible without that support. I started to surround myself with other moms and built a community of support. I decided that I didn't want any other mom to ride this bumpy roller coaster all alone so I found Millennial Momee & Millennial Parenthood.


As a birth professional, Chiropractor, educator, and most importantly a MOM my goal is to establish a supportive community online. This is a place where moms can turn to find the right resources to make informed decisions during their motherhood journey. To eliminate the loneliness and provide workshops that can fit into the busy lives of families I have established Millennial Parenthood Village. It features a resource library with research articles, workshops on various topics, and an interactive motherhood community. 


I believe that it is extremely important for mothers to be able to make their own decisions throughout their pregnancy, labor, and their fourth trimester (postpartum). With the right resources & knowledge we can create healthy & happy families. I invite you to join me on this roller coaster of motherhood!


-​Dr. Kseniya Gershberg, DC



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